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Fast-paced modern lifestyles have led people to lose touch with our natural environment. Alcapoc offers a sensory experience giving us opportunity to slow down and reconnect with the earth.

Alcapoc was born from the two ancient arts of alchemy and apothecary. Our founder, Dickson Lam, set out to solve his life-long skin sensitivities with hard-working, bioactive plant-based compounds proven to improve skin tone and texture.

Alcapoc travels the globe in search of the most potent natural ingredients that have proven effects on the skin - ingredients that have been used in ancient cultures for hundreds, even thousands of years. We live and we learn from people of different and diverse cultures, and combine this knowledge with today’s most innovative processes.

" Nature does nothing uselessly "

- Aristotle

Natural & Vegan

We thoughtfully select ingredients that are precious and effective

Designed for
sensitive skin

Our formulas are carefully balanced for sensitive skin

Clean & Ethical

Our ingredients we use are clean, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly

Made locally

Every product is manufactured in Sydney, Australia

Not tested on animals

Everything we do is cruelty free

No harsh synthetics
& fragrances

Our products do not contain harsh synthetics or unnatural fragrances



Luxury is sustainable


Create a net-positive impact in everything we do


Skincare is a sensory experience


Learn from today; do better tomorrow


Alcapoc represents the next generation of conscious skincare: formulations sustainably created from natural botanical actives, suitable for all skin types, all genders.

We no longer have to choose between potent ingredients and the risk of irritation. Nor do we have to rely on potentially harmful artificial ingredients to achieve results.

Alcapoc uses highest-quality natural ingredients, ethically sourced from around the world. They work to improve texture and appearance for all skin types, including dermatitis and psoriasis-prone skin.